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If you are considering an internship as part of your college-to-career strategy then Redwood Technologies may be the perfect solution. At Redwood we value our Internship program as an opportunity to evaluate upcoming talent and prime the pipe line for future hires as our business grows.

Today's job market is competitive to the Extreme. More so then ever before potential employers look for any thing to that may narrow down their selection pool. A successful internship could help you stand out in the din when it comes time to enter the job market.

Redwood Technologies offers it's interns the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in a fast-paced fun environment. Working directly with our Engineers and Designers on meaningful projects. You will not be a bystander here. You will be a member of the team and.

So if you are a local under-graduate or graduate student and enrolled in engineering or other relative program then please take moment to explore to opportunities available to you at Redwood Technologies.


Other then the desire to work hard and the ability to contribute to our goals, The Prerequisites for our internship program are are quite simple.

First you must be currently enrolled in (or recently graduated from) a appropriate discipline at a accredited college or university.

Second, you must live, or have close accommodations to the area. (we find that long commutes are not conducive to a successful internship)

Thats it!

Application Process

The application process for our internship program is quite easy. Just down load the appropriate Job Description and read it carefully. If you think that you can live up to the expectations of the position then please follow carefully the following process...

Send an email to with the following:

  • eMail Subject Line: Clearly stating the position you would like to apply for.
  • eMail Body: Include your cover letter and tell us about yourself and your interests.
  • Attachments: Please attach the following to your email...
    • Your Resume.
    • Your Most Recent College Transcript
    • List of References.
    • Any letters of recommendation you may have

That's it! Just send along your eMail and we will add you to the consideration pool. If you are selected for an interview we contact you set up a time for you to visit...


As an Intern at Redwood Technologies you will not simply be a by-stander as you watch projects progress. Instead you will have an active roll in the success of the project. You will have Responsibilities, Goals, and Deliverables. And expected to do what ever it takes to meet them.

You will be assigned an advisor to help guide you through the program and give you whatever help you may need...


THIS IS NOT A JOB AT THE POOL! This is a real job participating in actual development projects. You will be challenged and tested and you can expect to work hard and some long hours when the project dictates.

We understand that our interns are not seasoned designers and we pride our selfs in finding appropriate tasks and levels of contribution for every skill set. But you need to keep in mind that during your internship you are going to be evaluated as future hire for our business. If it is determined that you are not the right fit or work ethic for our business then you will most likely not be invited back for subsequent Internship Terms.

You can expect to be treated as a project contributor and perform as such. This may be the best opportunity for you to experience a real world design environment and feel the thril.


OK... Admit it... this was the first tab you opened!

Thats OK, we were all college students at one point and we understand the financial pressures associated with obtaining higher education in today's world.

Not only will a internship at Redwood Technologies provide you with valuable work experience, Not only will you be admired by your peers and sought after by top companies, but here is the best part....


That's right we pay our interns a competitive hourly rates appropriate to their experience, contribution and effort. If an intern is invited back for subsequent terms, and as experience builds, we will offer even higher rates.


NONE... To be clear, our Interns are considered "Temporary Part-Time Employees" and as such no ancillary benefits are offered other then the satisfaction of hard work and the excitement of bringing ideas to life.

Oh! I forgot the FREE COFFEE! (you will need it).


At the end of each Internship Term you will be given a written Assessment or you performance during the term of the internship. The assessment will be an comprehensive and objective report on your strengths and weaknesses in the discipline. It will be prepared by the Engineers, Designers, and Managers you worked with on your project.

This Assessment will remain on file with Redwood Technologies for an indefinite period of time. The Assessment will be furnished to potential employers if you choose to use us as a reference for future Employment Opportunities. If you are not happy with your Assessment, then please, DO NOT use Redwood Technologies as a reference...

Ongoing Opertunities

The internship program here at Redwood Technologies is an ongoing program. If you are a good fit, and you live up to the expectations of the position, you may be invited back for subsequent internship terms. These terms not only include summer college breaks but they can also include other college breaks, nights weekends, etc... So again we see our internship program as an opportunity to groom our potential future hires and help our business grow.

Our team here at Redwood Technologies may also be willing (if time allows) to participate in an advisory capacity to our interns for college projects and other programs where out side advisors are desired.


Mechcanical Engineering Intern
Electrical Engineering Intern
Machinist Intern
We are always interested in evaluating new talent. If you do not see a particular internship that meets your training and skill set, then please, Send your information as described above and we will have a look. Who knows, if you can add value to our business then we may make a position for you. Please state the position that you are applying for as "unlisted" and tell us how you can contribute to our business.